How The Pandemic Is Impacting The Education Industry

How The Pandemic Is Impacting The Education Industry

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How The Pandemic Is Impacting The Education Industry

A dark cloud has hovered above major cities across the globe because of the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The education, hospitality, and entertainment industries, as well as many other sectors, have suffered dearly due to the virus. After months of testing and experimenting, everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pfizer and its partners have come up with a viable vaccine with a 95 percent success rate. Following the distribution of the vaccine, sectors will begin to reopen. Learners will be able to return to school after months of distance learning.

Covid-induced Distant Learning: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A lot of people have been focused on the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the education sector. However, it’s not all bad. There are some benefits of online learning to students of all ages and educators as well.

How The Pandemic Is Impacting The Education Industry

The Good: Online Learning Boosts Digital Literacy

The world has gone digital and children must brush up on their computer and Internet skills. While regular in-person classes involve the use of computers, they don’t use digital devices half as much as they do with online learning. Everything about distant learning involves the use of a computer and in most cases, the Internet. The importance of digital literacy in the 21st century cannot be overemphasized.

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The Good: Self-directed and Self-paced Learning Promotes Retention

Personalized learning is one of the most popular trends in the education industry at this time. With online learning, students can enjoy a more personalized approach to gaining knowledge. Some online classes allow learners to pick the time of the day they intend to study. They also allow them to pick their topics of interest rather than learning things that they might never need in their future line of work.

The Good: Staying Engaged with Online Learning is Easier

Since most learners are more attracted to digitization than in-person conversations, using a computer or tablet for school will most likely keep them engaged. Rather than sitting through a boring in-person class, they can enjoy the use of digital visual aids. They can explore all the resources at their disposal without getting tired. Better engagement during classes typically leads to better retention afterward.

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The Good: Online Education Promotes Independent Learning

Schools are changing direction from teaching students to providing the right environment for learning. Rather than spoon-feeding students information, online learning promotes independence in the classroom. A more independent learner makes for a more productive worker when the time is right. This is especially important in an era where remote work and online job training is taking the lead.

The Bad and the Ugly: it’s Easy to Get Distracted

We’ve talked about a few key benefits of online learning to students. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of online learning is distractions. Since the students aren’t in a controlled environment like the physical classroom, they can easily be distracted by things around them including the computer they are supposed to be learning with. Replying to social media messages and notifications can make an online study video of 30 minutes last three hours.

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The Bad and the Ugly: Isolation has Become the Norm

In-person schooling allows students to interact with their peers and build meaningful relationships that often last for years after school is over. With online learning, students don’t get to physically interact with each other. The only way to interact is online and everyone knows how depressing social media can be when it comes to presenting the perfect image.

The Bad and the Ugly: it Requires Strong Time Management Skills

For older high school and college students, time management skills are easy to cultivate. For younger students, things may be a little more difficult. These young students may not have the time management skills that are required to achieve success in online learning. Parents need to go the extra mile to coach their students through online learning and give them the help they need to become more efficient.

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the education industry has changed the game forever. Even after the virus has been eliminated and learners have returned to in-person classes, digital technologies will continue to play key roles in the acquisition of knowledge. When students finally return to school, they can use the digital skills they gathered during the lockdown to become better students in the typical classroom setting.

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