Now Will be talked on phone without SIM and network


Now Will be talked on phone without SIM and network

If there are no signals in your smartphone then now do not have to worry. You will not need a SIM card to call in the coming time. Now soon Internet telephony is going to be a reality. Internet telephony means that you will be able to call directly from a calling app using the internet, without the need for a signal. If you do not have a mobile network, now you can use any mobile or landline using your home, office or public Wi-Fi Will be able to call the number. TRAI is going to launch a special service for customers, considering the increasing craze of telecoils.


How will you benefit from this coming and how it will affect the current market practices of the mobile industry. Telecom regulator TRAI has recommended the government to allow internet telephony. After getting the green signal from the government, you can download any calling app and call on any mobile or landline number through Wi-Fi. It will also be cheaper to call for consumers.

Old telecom companies have opposed this move. This will be particularly beneficial for making voice calls in those situations when there are no signals in the mobile or the traditional network is very weak. TRAI has said in its recommendation on the Internet Telephony Regulatory Framework that according to the existing licensing framework, internet telephony service can be made freely available. TRAI says that this step will increase the call rate. This service will be especially useful in poor or low network areas where Internet service is available but mobile networks are not available. At the same time, TRAI has expressed dissatisfaction over the opposition to telecom companies. TRAI says that there will be more options for calling users.


The regulator has called the Internet as a useful and cost-effective option for voice calling. This will increase the success rate of calls. Especially in indoor poor coverage areas where public internet may be available, but a signal of a particular telecommunications company is not available. For example, you have a mobile phone that does not have a SIM card. You can download the calling app of any company through Wi-Fi and call it on any mobile or landline number. If you do not have mobile signals at your home or come short, but there is a wireless broadband device at home, you will still be able to make a voice call through the calling app. This will give customers another option to make voice calls

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Old Telecom Companies believe that this step will have a bad effect on Voice Revenue. Companies say that if internet telephony is made available on the public network, it will cause huge losses to those operators who provide voice services. That’s because it will shift the voice traffic to the public internet. It also said that due to the increase in the number of smartphones and tablets, SMS and Voice Traffic has shifted to app-based services, which has already affected their revenues.

TRAI consultant Arvind Kumar said that there will be more options for calling the consumer. The service will be able to call on even if the mobile signal is not sufficient. If there is no signal, any Wi-Fi network connectivity can be used. To make calls through internet telephony, companies will have to provide an option like the app, which will allow customers to use Wi-Fi before calling any of their contacts. It is believed that Reliance Jio will be the first to provide such a framework.

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