How to get online marriage certificate

How To Get Online Marriage Certificate

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How To Get Online Marriage Certificate

Getting a marriage certificate is a bigger deal now than ever before.

The marriage laws in India state that an individual must get a marriage certificate to prove that

they are married. This helps when getting the law involved if one of the parties walks out on the

marriage making it very difficult for the other to sustain it. This can be quite challenging if there

are children involved.

How to get online marriage certificate

Why is getting a marriage certificate important?

There are a lot of rules and customs that come with religions, usually followed by the people

getting married. However, in case any issues arise from the marriage, they aren’t necessarily

airtight in protecting both parties. Additionally, there are a lot of legal benefits from getting a

marriage certificate.

Some of these benefits are:

Although the rules state that a passport is one of the documents on which a woman doesn’t have

to change her last name, post-marriage, if she does want to, she needs a marriage certificate.

Additionally, when applying for visas for two individuals travelling together, having proof they are

married helps hasten the process.

During the application process for opening a bank account together, there are documents

needed to show how the two people opening the account are related. Other than providing their

identification, and proof of address, a marriage certificate helps with the process. The same rules

apply to couples dealing with other financial sectors like insurance policies. When adding an

individual as a nominee to the policy, showing their relationship to the applicant usually helps,

and stating they are a spouse with proof is makes it easier. This is another important step to

protect the household on the off chance that something were to happen to the head.

Other common issues among people are disputes related to properties which drag on forever. If

you are in the middle of such a dispute, register your significant other since there might be

instances where you can split the work to be done.

Some visas and work permit that people apply to work abroad usually need proof that they are

coming back to the country. Having a marriage certificate showing a family back home helps with

the process as compared to people who are unmarried which makes the visa process tougher.

Additionally, work permits allow people to take his families abroad at some point, but they might

have to prove their marriage which can only be done with a marriage certificate.

What are the documents needed for the legal registration of


To get married legally, there are a couple of documents to be submitted, like

  • Proof of resident
  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of nationality
  • Proof of the marriage
  • Two witnesses
  • Birth certificates of both the parties

All these documents have to be submitted to the sub-registrar to be processed. This can be done

in person or through various websites assisting with the process. However, the couple has to

show up to the office to sign the document, along with the witnesses, which cannot be done

through an online process.

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