Get An Employment Card to Be Updated About The Best Jobs

Get An Employment Card to Be Updated About The Best Jobs

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Get an employment card to be updated about the best jobs

Finding the right kind of job is never easy. This is why having an employment card helps. Employment cards are given to people who register themselves with the Employment Exchange Agency. Having an employment card is not mandatory however it does provide numerous benefits for those looking for jobs.

Get An Employment Card to Be Updated About The Best Jobs

All you need to know

An Employment Exchange is an organization handling the task of collecting and providing information about job seekers in the state along with their skills, experiences, and educational qualifications of each. Besides, updates about available vacancies are put up on this platform to allow job seekers to find jobs that match their profile.

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Employers have a role to play too. By registering themselves on this platform, they can put up information about the vacancies that open up and select candidates whose profiles match their requirements and call them for the interview. By being an open platform, this organization enables a smooth two-way interaction between employers looking for manpower and individuals looking for jobs.

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The Employment Exchange began in India with the idea of notifying individuals about vacancies back in May 1960. The Employment Exchanges Act, 1959, pertains to every public sector establishment and non-agriculture related private sector establishment employing more than 25 workers. This Act mandates that employers enrolled with the agency should inform the employment exchange about any vacancy before filling the position. However, recruiters are not obligated to recruit only people from the employment exchange.

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The administration of the Employment Exchange is handled by the respective State or Union Territory Government although the Central Employment Exchange oversees the running of these local employment exchanges. The Directorate General of Employment and Training conducts a periodic program of policy evaluation, checking of procedures and the working practices being followed by the local employment exchange. They also ensure that the policies and standards of the Employment Exchanges are properly implemented.

Vacancies that need not be notified to the Employment Exchange

Certain employment opportunities need not be shared with the employment exchange. These include:

  • Vacancies in domestic services
  • Employment-related to the staff of Parliament
  • Employment needed for less than three months
  • Agricultural employment in private sector establishments
  • Vacancies of an unskilled nature
  • Vacancies surrounding promotion and absorption of extra staff in different departments or branches in the given organization
  • Vacancies based on examinations conducted or on the recommendation of independent
  • Vacancies with remuneration below a certain amount

Activities conducted by the employment exchange

Individuals who registered themselves with the employment exchange and received an employment card can enjoy the benefits provided by this organization. This includes:

  • Placement of individuals looking for jobs
  • Distribution of unemployment benefits
  • Career counselling
  • Direction on being self-employed
  • Vocational guidance

The unemployment allowance is only provided in some states to certain sections of people with several criteria that need to be met before a person can avail of it. Additionally, from a government’s perspective, the Employment Exchange is a hub for employment market information which is why people are encouraged to register themselves with the organization and get an employment card.

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